Projects of web aplications

Below you will find our portfolio, including a list of websites and applications that we have created or with which we have cooperated. Many of them are constantly updated with new functions. We are not content with the fact that the project just works. We want it to work better.


We have created a website for Cargoos Logistics company. A theme for Wordpress was created based on the provided graphic design. It was also necessary to create plugins for the blog editor for Wordpress.

Used technologies: Wordpress

Polish Express

We collaborated on creating one of the most popular information portals for Poles in Great Britain. The portal reaches thousands of users daily with news from the UK. Due to the high traffic, special caching mechanisms were necessary - thanks to this, the page loads really quickly.

Used technologies: Symfony3, AngularJS

Coupon Dojo

Multilingual website with vouchers and discount codes for online stores. The site serves 26 countries and has tens of thousands of coupons in the database. The portal has a built-in blog system.

Used technologies: PHP 7, Twig 2, VUE, Ajax


Multilingual website based on Wordpress and purchased theme. Our client is the German company Myroxylon GmbH. The company's slogan is: "Dedicated to creating value through alternative investment projects".

Used technologies: Wordpress


A modern website with advertisements based on Notice 2 script. It is characterized by a modern appearance and extensive functionality. A PWA application has been added to it, which works similarly to the native mobile application.

Used technologies: AngularJS, PWA

Kamil Wyremski - portfolio

Portfolio of one of our developers. Made in React. On his Github account you can preview the source code of the project. The website with the PWA application - works similar to the native application on mobile devices.

Used technologies: React, PWA

Hosting Dojo

Portal for comparing hosting speeds from different geographic locations. The site uses several different Rest APIs to collect test results. Then it displays them to users in different charts.

Used technologies: Symfony 5, REST API, VUE, Chart.js

Fundacja Przystań

We collaborated on the creation of the Przystań Foundation website. The website is based on Symfony 3 and has its own administration panel. We have developed the graphic design and the website itself - both Backend and Frontend.

Used technologies: Symfony 3


Website with automotive announcements and industry-related articles. Based on our Notice2 script. Created on the basis of a design provided by a graphic designer.

Used technologies: PHP 7, MySQL, jQuery, AngularJS

Kamil Wyremski - blog

Developer blog run on Wordpress. There you will find entries on various areas of programming, scripts from our offer and ready-made modules for websites.

Used technologies: Wordpress

Mateusz Rzetecki - porfolio

SEO expert portfolio. Individual custom backend. A blog has been attached to the page. Created on the basis of the provided graphic design.

Used technologies: PHP 7, Twig3, Twitter Bootstrap 4

One of the first advertising portals for Poles living in Great Britain. Based on the Notice script. It serves hundreds of users a day, and has tens of thousands of ads in its database.

Used technologies: PHP 5, MySQL, jQuery

MaxPlus Kalisz

Website of a multi-branch company from Poland providing accounting and printing services (advertising agency). We created the graphic design as well as the website itself with the administration panel.

Used technologies: PHP 5, MySQL, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap 3

Bioskin Kalisz

Website of a professional beauty and hairdressing salon. It is characterized by very fast loading and the included PWA application. Backend based on the Symfony 3 framework.

Used technologies: Symfony 3, PWA

Patrycja Wyremska - portfolio

Portfolio of one of our developers. She specializes in creating websites on Wordpress and Prestashop, as well as in positioning portals and writing texts for websites and articles.

Used technologies: Wordpress


Bank of press photos for photojournalists and publishers. Based on Cuadro script. It has two types of accounts that differ in functionality. We created the graphic design and the website itself.

Used technologies: Materialize


A three-language website with online advertisements (in Polish, Russian and Ukrainian). Based on Notice script. Ads can be added in one of three languages or all at once.

Used technologies: PHP 5, MySQL, jQuery

Świat Kamienia

A simple company website for the composition of natural stone. We designed the appearance and created the backend with the administration panel and the frontend of the website.

Used technologies: Bootstrap 3, JQuery

Chicago advertisements

One of the largest advertising portals for Poles living in Chicago (USA). Portal based on our Notice script. A dozen or so new ads are added every day.

Used technologies: PHP 5.6, MySQL, jQuery

Ogłaszamy 24h

Serwis darmowych ogłoszeń z różnych kategorii. Oparty o autorski skrypt ogłoszeniowy Notice. Stworzony na podstawie projektu graficznego

Used technologies: PHP 5.6, MySQL, jQuery

Flats in style

Real estate classifieds site. Based on a dedicated script with announcements. Created on the basis of a graphic design.

Used technologies: PHP 7, AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery

Picnic Event

A website of a company that specializes in events, company picnics, conferences, trainings, promotions and impossible things. Based on Wordpress.

Used technologies: Wordpress

Malgorzata Fuchs

Website of the salon with massages as well as body and face treatments. Based on Wordpress.

Used technologies: Wordpress

Odnova Clinic

Website of the salon with massages and treatments for face and body. It was based on Wordpress and buyed theme.

Used technologies: Wordpress